Radha Krishan

To be born in a saintly household is a distinction in itself. Thus His holiness Sant Chandruram Sahib, right from the time of his birth has been bestowed with the grace of being born in the abode of a devout, peaceful, saintly, benevolent Sai Baba Asudaram Sahib. To have a saintly soul for a Father and an ideal woman for a Mother, along with the constant association of great saints and their showers of blessing was something that enriched and furthered the Spiritual journey of Sai ji. This is something Sai ji himself has revealed to one and all on the occasion of his 50th birthday, celebrated at his birthplace, Panno Aakil.

From his childhood Sai ji was instilled with a spirit of detachment and renunciation, this is why he was never entangled in the worldly bonds. Divine love was the happiness his heart always sought, this is perhaps reflected in the soulful, poignant rendition of his songs which touches the core of his listener’s hearts and reminds them of the pangs of autumn which penetrates the orchard of the listener’s heart filling it with the agonizing pangs of autumn.

All the virtues of righteousness and truth which should be present in a true fakir are manifest in. Truth incarnate Sai ji. To serve humanity in every possible way is the sole purpose of His life. He is ever persevering achieve that goal. From dawn to dusk, every moment, through his bhajans, satsang and experience, he endeavours to illuminate simple and worthy pathways to lead this mortal life successfully. The devotees feel gratified, pacified and blessed to hear such sweet words of wisdom.

Leaving the people of Sindh yearning for more, He moved on to the land of Lucknow to satiate the spiritual desires of Hind. Not caring for day or night, heat or cold, comfort or discomfort, he toiled persistently, traveled relentlessly, from town to town, spreading his message of truth and love, winning innumerous followers everywhere he went. With the support of his devotees and his consistent efforts and dedication, today the Shiv Shanti Ashram has acquired a magnificent form, a charismatic rejuvenating spot where every one who steps in is regarded with God-like devotion and served with utmost respect and love.(athai indani manjhi allahu) And every one who steps out goes content and fulfilled, blessed by the holy saint instilled with the thought that “sai yad sada aabaad” one who remembers the lord always prospers! Therefore, all that is implied here is that, one is automatically and spontaneously infused with an earnest desire to worship and meditate on the lord once he simply enters the Ashram and receives the Darshans of the holy saint. This is undoubtedly the effect of the noble deeds done by Sant Shri, here in this place, deeds such as the bhajans, satsangs, chanting, service have effectuated this charisma in the Ashram. It is the mark of a true saint to inspire man onto the right path, onto the path of worship, simply by his presence, by his darshan.

A lighthouse of principles, ideals and righteousness, Sai ji has deeply studied several scriptures and texts but the admiration he has for the immortal words of the Guru Granth Sahib, is beyond words. Sai ji has intimately examined and internalized every word of Guru Granth Sahib, following the idiom “gehre paani paith” diving deep into the depths of the sea of knowledge.Consequently he can elucidate and interpret one word or “shabd” in several different ways. He has his own unique style of expounding the “shabd” of guruvani. The beautiful exposition of each octet or “ashtpadi” of Sri Sukhmani Sahib is indeed an unparalleled gift given by him to the Sindhis. It fills the heart of the seeker with the light of knowledge, illumining his otherwise ignorant, dark life. The devotees are doing great service unto the society by collecting these expositions in a series of audio cassettes. This effort will undoubtedly be blessed by the Lord. Thus, it is evident that Swami Sai ji has made an effort to establish harmonious relations with each sect, faith and religion and has been successful in associating himself with the followers of varied faiths. He has embellished his life with the honour of Sri Ram, the love of Sri Krishna, the mendicancy and devotion of Guru Nanak Dev ji, but is ever striving to glorify the society too with such virtuous adornments, investing efforts of body, mind and money to it.We pray Lord to strengthen his determination and show him the right path, for he has devoted night and day to this divine task. It is the sincere wish of all his devotees that Lord may grant success to all his noble endeavours.