Dr. Ratan Suryawanshi

Sant Chandruram Sahib is the staunch follower of the dictum “Karm pradhan vishwa rachi rakha”, i.e. work or action is the primordial duty of mankind in this world. Thus he emphasizes more on actions than speech. Working towards social emancipation is very much his inherent nature and evident through his actions and behaviour.

• Simplicity personified : Simple living High thinking is the idiom that he lives by. No one can ever gauge from his simple lifestyle that he enjoys such a great stature in society that famous personalities including the prime minister of the nation, fall at his feet for his blessings.In the words of a former minster of the Uttar Pradesh State government, Hon’ble Sri Lal ji Tandon, ‘Swami ji’s simplicity spontaneously attracts us to him. Factually, it is such austerity loving Saints that evoke profound respect.’
Message : Revered Babaji’s austerity and simplicity sends out the message that prosperity and adversity or favourable and unfavourable situations keep flitting in and out of our lives, therefore a person who lives with simplicity will never be ruffled by unpleasant and unfavourable circumstances. In other words austerity makes a man stronger in times of adversity.

• Epitome of humility: Sant Kabir once said “laghuta se prabhuta mile, prabhuta se prabhu duur; Cheenti le shakkar chali, haathi ke sir dhool”: (humility endears us to God (and Greatness), but Greatness is shunned by God (and causes our downfall).As a result a tiny ant attains the sweetness of sugar and an elephant rolls or showers himself with dust.)In my opinion His Holiness has truly incorporated and internalized this couplet of Kabir in his life. It is stated in the Panchtantra that if a human being attains any one of the following i.e. wealth, beauty, youth, knowledge and wisdom, power and money; he gets deranged, intoxicated and exhilarated enough to do anything. But our master His holiness is a treasure house of knowledge and is directly associated with the Divine powers and yet he remains untouched by arrogance, or self-esteem. He has made