Dr. Harilal Bhagya

The supreme ideal for mankind, the saint of saints Sant Sai Chandruram Sahib is the utmost embodiment of modesty and humility. Devotion unto the lord and the all encompassing welfare, all-round growth of mankind is the inseparable goal of his life. The mere glimpse or “darshan” of such an enlightened and self-less soul is indeed a blessing and to be associated with him is nothing short of a pilgrimage.

I, am one of those fortunate few, who have been blessed with the “darshan”, satsang, proximity and affection of such a great saint as Sai Chandruram Sahib. Of whatever little I could learn with my meagre understanding of His erudite discourses, assess from his darshan and association, I can say without exaggeration that he is nothing short of a living encyclopedia. I say so because of his deep and minute understanding of the smallest or greatest phenomenon of day to day life, the keen understanding of the simple and complex and the adeptness at eloquent exposition of the same.

Right from his childhood he has not just worked but passionately devoted himself to welfare of mankind. His heart is always rippling with further suggestions and plans to serve better, to reach out to whatever extent possible, to provide comfort in every way possible; the establishment of “Sakhi Baba Maternity Home” at Panno Aakil is undoubtedly a proof of his compassion.

The establishment of a magnificent maternity home, at a small town like Panno Aakil, in Sindh, for the welfare of its people, is indeed applaud able and a result of Sant Shri’s inspiration.

This hospital will be able to bring relief to innumerable women, children, men, both Hindu and Muslim, who will all benefit from its various services. Not only is the centre catering to the health needs but its domain includes contributing to the funds required in the marriage of young daughters and meeting the needs of the financially weak families. Alongside this, Sant Shri also directs his attention to the spiritual growth and character building, and is an example in this regard. His holiness is not satisfied merely with his own progress, growth or experience but is always concerned about his devotees too. He wants to see his followers and devotees not just progressing on the spiritual plane but also wants them to be viewed as exceptional and exemplary individuals, by the society. Perhaps this is the reason why he recounts his experiences and experiments to his followers, for they are the basis of the esteem he has earned in the religious and social circles. He shares with his disciples the principles and restraints he has embellished his life with and managed to maintain the nobility of an ordinary human being and at the same time being such an evolved soul and great Saint.

In my opinion, the reason why so many distinctions are concentrated in one charismatic personality is because they are rooted in truth, sincerity and Faith “ek bharoso, ek bal, ek aas vishwas” one sole faith, sole strength, sole hope, sole trust in God. The more time one spends in the holy association of this great saint, in attending the divine discourses, the more is revealed of this multi-faceted personality. Every moment a new charismatic quality is revealed, the experience of which instills one with pride and gratitude, for the good fortune, of having met such a Great Soul in one’s lifetime. It is an ardent prayer that god grant us the good sense to adopt the ideals, values and principles of their divine lives, and in this way may our lives worthwhile.
Original Script-Dr Hari Lal Bhagiya, Panno Aakil Sindh