Kar Satgur Darshan..Hoga Mann Parsan..

Launch of New DVD’s "Gurudev Mata Pita 50th Sahyog Diwas" & "Sanskratik Sandhya" 31st Dec’11

With the blessings of Shiv Sakhi Baba the new DVD’s of  “Gurudev Mata Pita 50th Sahyog Diwas” & “Sanskratik Sandhya” 31st Dec’11 were launched.  These DVD’s and other Spiritual Discourses and Satsang Cd’s, DVD’s and Books are available at our Ashram Store at Lucknow (UP, India) 

Sai Mohan Lal Tour in Feb-March from 10th Feb – 3rd March’ 2012

10th Feb’12          – Gonda, U.P. (Satsang)
15th-17th Feb’12  – Bhusawal (Maharashtra)
18th Feb’12          – Jalgaon (Maharashtra)
19th Feb’12          – Itarsi (M.P)
20th Feb’12          – Hoshangabad (M.P)
21st Feb’12           -Bhopal (M.P.)
25th, 26th Feb’12  – Ahmadabad (Gujarat)
27th Feb’12           – Ullasnagar (Vasan Shah Darbar-On the Occasion of Reception of Sai Omiram’s Wedding)
2nd Mar’12            – Datia (M.P) Navmi Pujya Mata Saheb at Pujya Mata Saheb Asthan
3rd Mar’12             – Chirgaon (U.P)

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Grand Celebration: Sahyog Diwas (Golden Anniversary) of Pujya Gurudev Mata Pita

Watch LIVE from 11 am onwards on 01.01.12 on https://jaisakhibaba.in/ & http://shivsakhi.org/. Grand Celebration: Sahyog Diwas (Golden Anniversary) of Pujya Gurudev Mata Pita on New Year 1st Jan’12 at Ashram Saheb.

Sai Baba Satsang Tour: Oct’11

Sai Baba Satsang Tour: Oct’11

03.10.2011 Allahbad
04.10.2011 Allahbad
05.10.2011 Datia

08.10.2011 Vardha
09.10.2011 Vardha (Till Evening 7 pm)

21.10.2011 Ullasnagar, Kalyan
22.10.2011 Ullasnagar, Kalyan
23.10.2011 Ullasnagar, Kalyan
24.10.2011 Ullasnagar, Kalyan

SML Tour to Chattisgarh/MP/Maharastra: Sept’11 – Oct’11

SML Tour to Chattisgarh/MP/Maharastra: Sept’11 – Oct’11

30.09.2011 DAY TILDA
01.10.2011 DURG
02.10.2011 DAY DURG
02.10.2011 NIGHT BHILAI
03.10.2011 DEV PURI
04.10.2011 DAY RAIPUR
05.10.2011 ITARSI
15.10.2011 Night Gwalior
16.10.2011 Day Gwalior
17.10.2011 Jalgaon
18.10.2011 Jalgaon

Eternal Salvation Day (Varsi Mahotsav) 9th-12th Sept ‘2011 – Sakhi Baba Asudaram Saheb

The Eternal Salvation Day of his holiness Sakhi Baba Asoodaram Sahib is commemorated each year with great fervour and devotion on the anant chaturdashi day of the Hindu calendar.The programmes are stretched over four days. Representatives, members, Spiritual and religious Gurus, Mahants and peethadheeshwars of various religious centres, along with innumerous devotees converge from all over India, for this function.. 

Arrangements of their boarding, fooding and lodging are meticulously taken care of by the volunteers and devotees of the Ashram. Thousands of devotees throng the Ashram and offer their obeisance. This event is a confluence of various luminaries from different sects and faiths, from every distant corner of India, and provides one magnificent platform for all. 

The thought provoking discourses, enchanting kirtans and melodious bhajans rent the air and reverberate “mukt mahal”. In lieu of the ongoing activities, there is provision of fresh food for the devotees and they can partake of the “bhandara” any time, and also help themselves to the food, snacks, tea, milk, refreshments etc as per daily regimen; the kitchen serves its guests round the clock from morning to night. 

The devotees find themselves elated in these four days of hectic activities and return home on the fourth day, content and rejuvenated after having received blessings and Prasad from none other than his holiness Sant Sri Chandruram ji himself.

RSVP event here This event would be live on http://jaisakhibaba.in