The Ashram Saheb is spread over an area of about 3 acres. With over 150 rooms and 50 halls, the facilities available are a perfecet blend of modern amenities, traditional and spiritual simplicity. The entire estate, (ashram constructions/buildings) can be broadly divided into four major parts:

  1. Block A
  2. Block B
  3. Block C
  4. Block D

Block A comprises of approximately 41 rooms and 15 halls which serve various purposes such as:

1. Satsang Hall
2. Charitable Dispensary
3. Ashram Office
4. Sant Kanwarram Mission Office
5. Religious library
6. Computer Room
7. Meditation hall
8. Residential area for families 9. Residential area for women
10. Welcome Room
11. Home for the aged and destitute women
12  Etc

Block B:

Block B comprises of a whopping 49 rooms and 11 halls. Apart from these, there are 3 well maintained suites for the guests of honour, dignitaries and various great Saints who visit the spiritual centre from time to time. Each of these suites and rooms are well furnished.
The suites are air-conditioned and fully furnished with the bare modern necessities. The suites comprise of a two room set with a drawing – room area, along with an attached bathroom, to facilitate a comfortable stay. The humble furnishing includes the bed and bed linen, windows, draped with tasteful curtains, cupboards to store clothes and baggage etc.

The rooms too are well furnished and well maintained. The 11 halls serve as dormitories, during largely attended functions etc.
This building also houses the Ashram’s kitchen which is fully equipped with an array of the latest gadgets, utensils and kitchen appliances, to facilitate clean, hygienic, quick and comfortable cooking.

The attached dining hall serves upto 200 people at a time, with an expanded seating capacity of 1000.

Block C

Block C comprises of 9 rooms and 7 halls. These serve as the abode and dormitories of the aged men who have sought shelter in the Ashram.

Block D:

Block D building consists of 11 flats, and forms the residence of the “Sewadars”, those who have dedicate their lives to the service of the Ashram.

This buiding has two wings. The first one houses 6 flats, 3 rooms and 1 hall.

Each flat comprises of 2 rooms with attached bathrooms, a kitchen, a store room and a hall. The other wing has 3 flats consisting of 2 rooms, with attached bathrooms and 1 kitchen.

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