Sai Mohan Lal Satsang Tour Shedule in Nov’ 2011

7-8th Nov’11 – Haridwar (100th Year Birth Celebration of Pt. Shri Ram Sharma Acharaya, Gayatri Pariwar)
   9th Nov’11 – Lucknow (Chodus – Monthly Incarnation Day Celebration of Sakhi Baba Asudaram Saheb )
 10th Nov’11 – Bareilly, U.P. (Satsang)
 11th Nov’11 – Day at Pooranpur U.P. ( On the occasion of 1100 Marriages arranged by Sant Ram Singh)
 11th Nov’11 – Night at Lucknow (Celebrating 2nd Birthday of Sai Anand Lal, son of Sai Harish Lal)
 12th Nov’11 – Allahbad U.P. Sangat Darshan
 13th Nov’11 – Day at Raipur, Chattisgarh
                       Night at Bhilai, Chattisgarh
 14th Nov’11 – Bhilai
 15th Nov’11 – Morning at Durg
                        Day-Night in Journey
 16th Nov’11 – Datia M.P.
 17th Nov’11 – Datia (Day)
                        Lucknow (Night)
 18th – 20th   –  Lucknow
 21th-22nd    –  Aligarh U.P
 23rd, 24th       Delhi Sant Satram Dham
 25th Nov’11 – Delhi Sant Satram Dham, On the occasion of Sant Satram Das Mela Utsav

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