Rare Image of Sain Baba with Yaktara – on display

Finally I am putting one of the rare and Auspicious Picture of Sain Baba with yaktara “I am Blessed” to do this today.

Designed in somewhere 2004- 2005 it took me three days to design the background. The background is a mix of three – four designs and I really dont remember how I was blessed to come out with such a Great Picture of Sain Baba. Its his blessings on me that i could design it.

Most secret thing is that once the final print was taken, I was not allowed to show the picture in public and finally after 5 to 6yrs , Sai Mohan Lal asked me to get the picture to be put in the Calendar of Sain Baba Santang Points.

I remember there was a foreigner from Germany who had came to Ashram to take blessings of Sain Baba and he had asked me do u have any rare picture of Sain Baba and at that time I was having the first two prints (size 8″by 12″) and I gave the prints to him.

It was really a great moment for me to hear that Sai Mohan Lal has decided to put the image to be printed in the calendar. 

Jai Sakhi Baba

Dasan Das Summat “prembandhu”

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