1400 Days of "EKAANTWASS"(Solitude)


The cultural heritage of Sindh has always taken pleasure in self-sacrifice. Sindh, the sentinel of the Western Frontier of unpartitioned India, has a proud tradition of sacrifice, renunciation. The land of Sindh has nurtured such noble sons of the soil who have willingly, undauntedly, sacrificed their all to serve and protect the western frontier of India. They pledged their life to India and did not hesitate to risk and sacrifice their life in defending the borders.

Impressed and inspired by this dedication of the Sindhis towards their motherland the famed litterateur Rahul Sanskrityayan composed the historic novel “Singh Senapati”. Even in extreme adversity, Singh Senapati, the lion-hearted commander, fought the war till the end, to defend his country. He sacrificed his life but did not waver from his duty. Sindh is gratified and blessed to have reared such fiery, valiant, heroic, chivalrous, warriors.

In his historic novel “Yug-Surya”, the noted author Virendra Pandey, inspired by the Self-sacrifice of the Sindhis has conceived the character of a Daughter of Sindh, the prototype of a Sindhi girl “Chitrarekha.” , who was a symbol of not only the spiritual identity of women in Sindh at that time, but also the reflection of their valour. Using Chitrarekha as a medium he has detailed the religious and cultural clashes of the Aryans and the invaders. “mlechchh” Thus Sindh has been glorified yet again.

The Pathos of the Sindhis : The Sindhis are scattered all over the world. They have been deprived of their state. They are disconsolate for they will never be able to regain their land, but the genes of sacrifice, still run in their bloodstream. They readily present themselves for any service required to allay the pain of the society. They have not an iota of discrimination unto others. This is the reason why they have been able to retain the intrinsic desire to excel.

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